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We're like the Avengers of the virtual world - but with better coffee breaks, laughter and Spotify playlists.

Meet the Team

Natasha Tahiwi - Director of To Done (NZ) and Creative and Marketing Virtual Assistant


Creative & Marketing Virtual Assistant

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Social Media VA

Chontel Foley - Admin Virtual Assistant


Administrative Virtual Assistant

Jay Love - Videographer



Ready to tackle all of your digital marketing tasks, together we're the dream team of productivity and creativity.

The ones who make sure your emails are sorted, socials are scheduled, websites are maintained, videos are jaw-dropping, AND MORE - without the spandex. 

Meet the powerhouse team who are ready to support you.

Tash Tahiwi
Natasha Tahiwi


Director and Head Virtual Assistant.

Being the Head VA, Tash's responsibilities include Social Media Management, Creative Design, Content Writing, Web Design and Maintenance, Email Marketing and Automations.

  • Superpower: Understands what you're trying to say when you only use the words "blah blah blah". 

  • Weakness: Needs coffee to start her day.

The world of business is where I find my excitement.


There's something about watching people grow their passions from an idea into a successful business. With that world comes late nights, sacrifices and hours on repetitive tasks.

I've been there and done that, so I decided to become a Virtual Assistant, to help business owners with tasks so you can have the work-life balance you desire and deserve.​

I'm known for being a go-getter who helps you go from being overwhelmed, tired and frustrated - to focused, organized and excited as a business owner.

I always knew I would own my own business.

I was over the corporate 9-5 and rushing my tamariki around for my work life, instead of fitting work around my family life.

After working in Government, Recruitment, Marketing, Childcare and my own e-commerce store, I decided to use the skills I learnt, and enjoyed the most, to help others.

Now I enjoy building amazing connections with business owners, have flexible working hours and can be there for my whanau when needed. 



Social Media Virtual Assistant.

Summer has joined To Done as of October 2023, to support our clients Social Media Needs including Ads.

  • Superpower: Connecting with people on a deeper level. Whether it’s a personal story or a business pitch, I can resonate with your story.

  • Favourite Quote: "Do the dishesss"

Kia Ora, 


I frequently engage in activities like hunting and guiding along the Whanganui River, which holds a special place in my heart as my beloved Awa. 

I was one of those kids that would sell fruit from my grandparent's garden to my peers. That was just the start of my entrepreneur journey. As I continued to grow, acts of service was strongly embedded in my work ethic. I spent a lot of my time helping my granddad who owned a lawn mowing company, by doing his books to working with him. I learnt the fundamentals of business ownership and the importance of a healthy work life balance. 

After I completed my Bachelors in Social Sciences from Waikato University. During a time when Covid lockdowns had pushed my gradation out, twice. And becoming a parent it was during this period that I realised I could channel my love for learning into something productive.


Motivated by Tash, who served as my inspiration and mentor in the realm of Virtual Assistant Services, I decided to take the leap. My creativity has shined throughout my services have guided me to work for some amazing people and local organisations. 


Joining the team at To Done has been a game-changer, enabling me to live my dream life amidst the mountains.

Summer Rangi-Clark
Chontel Foley
Chontel Foley


Administrative Virtual Assistant

Chontel has joined To Done in March 2023, to support To Done and Clients needs with inbox management, proof reading, calendar management and bookings..

  • Favourite Quote: "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going".


Kia ora! After spending the majority of my adult life climbing the corporate ladder, I decided after I had my 2 youngest babies that it was time for me to find a better home / work life balance. This is where To Done (NZ) came in!


Being a part of Tashs crew means I get to work around my tamariki! Between school drop offs / pickups, a different sport training most afternoons and weekends spent on the sideline of a field, or a court means I needed something that was going to fit in with all that.


To Done (NZ) gives me that flexibility. I get to fulfil my own needs without sacrificing those of my family. 

My areas of expertise lie with business admin / support. My happy place is a high-pressure environment with crazy deadlines!


My most recent ventures have been event management, pulling something together from nothing and making it into something!

I'm excited to learn more about the Virtual Assistant world, and using my skills to support business owners with their digital marketing.

Jay Love



  • Excelled at: School Speeches

  • Most likely got detention for: Talking too much in class

My love for the video / editing industry came from my childhood when I watched my Mum study Videography.

She would bring home different cameras, film scenes and edit them – I remember being completely obsessed!


After going from job to job when I was younger & never really finding anything that I was truly passionate about I decided to invest in my own videography equipment & give it a go! 

I've done a few jobs in return for sports training services (mostly coaching for my son) to help increase my portfolio, and slowly started getting paid for projects.

As my portfolio grows so does my inventory. My favourite part of videography is when I’m able to get the drone out and let her fly!


In this day & age it’s important for me to get my work / life balance right – with 3 kids under my wing, time is precious.

Tash recognises this, which is what I love the most about being able to collaborate with To Done (NZ).

Jason Love
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