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So you have some questions about my Virtual Assistant Services?

  • I only need a few hours assistance here and there. Do you provide such a service??
    YES I do - my virtual Assistant services are a minimum of 2hours per week which starts at $90. Otherwise you can purchase 5hours under the 1week VA package. If you are wanting consistent support - my packages (1 month, 3 month and 6month) are based on 5hours per week ongoing. If you are wanting more hours per week - please feel free to email me via the contact page to make an enquiry/arrangement.
  • If we book a service, when would you start our projects?"
    For me to meet your needs as soon as possible - it's best to ensure you have all of your content ready. Depending on the servie you purchase - you will be sent a questionnaire or advised that I will arrange a time for us to have a discussion via Zoom or in person if you are in Lower hutt, Upper hutt or Wellington CBD. This is where you should provide me with as much details as possible based on your wants and needs. The more info the better. If you are uncertain of some questions - we can work through this together during our consutation. We will then discuss our Conditions of Service. This must be signed, along with your first payment being made and project actions agreed upon. Once all the above is done - I will typically start on your project within 5 working days. If for any reason it is outside of the 5 working days due to other projects being finalized - I will let you know. During this time - it is likely i will get you to obtain and provide as much content as possible i.e. branding, images, copywriting.
  • What happens if we miss a payment while we are on a package plan with you?
    If you miss your monthly payment - I will not continue any further work until this has been paid. So if it takes you 2 weeks to make your next monthly installment - there will be a 2 week gap of my services being provided. If you miss a payment and then decide you want to cancel, you are still required to give 4weeks cancellation notice, and pay for the 4weeks of this notice period. NOTE: an Invoice reminder will be sent to you the week before it is due.
  • Are payment options available?
    Yes for most of my ongoing support services (VA and Blogs) - package payment options are available where a payment is required per month.
  • How do we pay?
    All payments can be made via Stripe, Paypal or Internet Banking.
  • What happens if we aren't happy with the work?
    When discussing your needs during consultations, working through your design briefs and while working on your project - we can go through the changes necessary until you are happy. I want you to walk away feeling happy and confident in the service you have received. If there is any concerns or things you want changed - raise these while we are working on your project as no refunds will be provided at the completion of the job. We will regularly connect to go over your project to ensure all published work is agreed upon PRIOR to going live. If you decide I am not the right fit for you while we are in the project design phase, you are able to give notice - however the initial payment you made will not be refunded due to the time already spent supporting you.
  • What happens if we select a package but want to cancel it.
    You will need to provide 4weeks cancellation notice. Depending on when you provide your notice - you may be required to make a final pro-rata payment based on the monthly payment due. For example: If you choose a 3month (12 week) package - but choose to cancel it at week 6 - you will still be required to make a pro-rata payment for the weeks that flow into the 3rd month (week 10).
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