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Terms and Conditions (The Fine Print)

To Done (NZ) reserves the right to amend these services without notice when and as required.

Current as of 4th December 2023

Business Hours

My Office hours are between Monday-Thursday 9:30am - 3pm.

  • We are not available weekends or on public holidays.

  • We are not available for any events or meetings outside of the above days and hours.

  • We often reduce our work hours durin the school holidays to allow our team to focus on whanau.

Changes to hours or meeting/event scheduling. 

Occasionally we will need to adjust our schedule to accommodate personal and family commitments, illness and school holidays.

In this event, you will receive a contact from To Done (NZ) in the form of a Social Media message, call, text or email.

Client Responsibilities

You agree to provide clear communication about design requests, priorities and deadlines. You will ensure To Done (NZ) is supplied with all relevant resources, content, and information to complete the work requested within the timeframe required.


Payments are due

  • Monthly from their first payment (recurring invoices)

  • Within 14 days of invoice being issued to clients.

  • and before any mahi commences, for both ongoing and casual clients.

If payments have not been received by their due date - all contracted mahi (work) will be placed on hold immediately until payment is received.

Any overdue invoices will now incur a daily 1% late fee until the date payment is received.

If no solution is resolved within 28 days of the invoice due date, the client will incur a further $120 fee and To Done NZ will liaise with appropriate debt collectors to obtain outstanding payments. This will also result in your contract being terminated immediately.

Rush Fee

If you are a casual client or need support on a project that sits outside of our usual contract -please note this will be completed during a time I am available.

If you need support urgently and sooner than the dates I provide - I am happy to support you, however, I will now be charging rush fees which will be 50% of the total cost.

This is because late requests can cause delays in my mahi or overflow into my personal time in order for projects to be completed.

Cancellation and Termination Policy

You, the client, have the right to terminate our services; however.

  • If you have paid in full for one-off services - refunds may be provided on a pro-rata basis, based on any mahi completed for the services you have received. This amount will be on a case-by-case basis and there is no guarantee you will receive a refund depending on the work completed/received.

  • If you have selected to make payment for services via pricing plans or subscriptions- you must provide not prior to your next payment being due. Notice after your payment due date will result in a cancellation from that date of


To Done (NZ) has no liability to the client for any loss, damage, costs, expenses, or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied by the client that is incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate.

This includes delays in projects due to inability to contact the client, delayed responses to any communication sent to clients by To Done (NZ), and content, copy and information not being provided adequately as outlined in client responsibilities.

Before the Commencement of Projects - You, the client, must:-


To Done (NZ) will not directly or indirectly disclose client or business information to anyone other than a representative of the client or of To Done (NZ) at any time, either during or after completion of any project.

We may share your final results or a behind-the-scenes view of work for portfolio and marketing purposes. This will be agreed upon during purchase time or within our project proposal.


To Done (NZ) reserves the right, at any time, to update prices, services, business hours, and all details noted above in the Terms and Conditions.
From time to time and will endeavour to notify you of this update. We encourage you to contact us with any comments or questions about these terms of service. If you have any further questions regarding our policy, please contact us directly.

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