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How to prepare for a Christmas holiday break.

Deck the halls, whip out the jandles, and pull out the BBQ. The holidays are upon us, and that means it's time to prepare for some well-deserved time off. And we've got your back!

To Done Holiday Break NZ Small Business Owners

Taking a holiday break as a small business owner doesn't have to be a source of stress or a recipe for a meltdown. With a little planning, a dash of delegation, and a sprinkle of festive magic, you can prepare your business for a smooth holiday break.

In this blog, we'll walk through the merry steps of preparing for a holiday break as a small business owner. So, let's sleigh this holiday prep game!

Out of office.

Let your team, clients, and customers know about your upcoming time off. Let them know things like when you'll be back, who to contact in your absence, and whether you'll be checking emails while sitting on the beach. Clear communication will keep everyone on the same festive page.

Automate and Streamline Like a Pro.

Embrace the power of automation and streamline your business processes.

  • Use tools and software to automate repetitive tasks.

  • set up email autoresponders.

  • schedule your promo codes and email marketing in advance and schedule social media posts.

Right now, you should be preparing all of your December and January content. Let your platforms communicate with your audience and do the work while you enjoy some holiday magic.

Prioritize and Action.

Take a moment to identify the critical tasks that need attention during your absence. Prioritise them like Santa on a tight delivery schedule. Either complete them beforehand or delegate them to your trusty team members.

Elf Wisdom.

Prepare a Holiday FAQ for questions that might dance through your customers' heads while you're away and make sure to add these to your website and Social Media comms. Provide clear instructions and answers to common enquiries. It's like giving your team and customers a magical map that leads them to the answers they seek. No more reindeer games—just helpful information at their fingertips!

Buddy Up

Outsource and Partner Like a Pro. Partner up with service providers like us, and outsource tasks to keep the holiday spirit alive in your business. Whether it's customer support, email marketing, social media or website maintenance, let someone else take care of business so you can enjoy the sleigh ride.

The Stocking Stuffer

Take Care of Finances and Deadlines Before you ride off into the holiday sunset, don't forget the financial side of things. Pay those bills, submit invoices, and meet any crucial deadlines. Tidy up your financial sleigh and leave no loose ends behind. It's like giving yourself a gift of peace of mind!

Now Relax, Recharge, and Enjoy the Magic. It's time to let go of the reins and truly enjoy your holiday break. Disconnect, relax, and soak up the holiday magic. Trust that you've prepared your business for this moment, and let yourself fully embrace the season's joy. Spend time with loved ones, indulge in some self-care, and come back refreshed and ready to conquer the new year.

If you're keen to Buddy Up over the holidays for support with your Social Media, Email Marketing, Promos and Website Maintenance, so you can have a well overdue holiday break - we've got your back.


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