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5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

You stare at the ever-growing to do list and wonder 'HOW?! How am I going to get this all done?! And it just keeps growing!

You might be offering a service or creating products all day, while watching the hours tick by as you struggle to keep up with marketing, customer service or administration.

Or you're between running kids to school and extra curricular activities, working the hours you've set for yourself, getting home to cook and clean, run errands and pay expenses, and then back to working once kids are in bed

You sit there, staring at that bloody to do list, and feel like you haven't achieved anything for the day.

Virtual Assistant_hire a Virtual Assistant_To Done (NZ)

When you're a small business owner - you often feel like there isn't enough hours in the day and you just need some help. Have you considered hiring a Virtual Assistant??

What ever the reasons you're looking for the opportunity to get some help within your business - here are 5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Ramp up productivity.

Outsourcing some tasks means you can get more done. Tasks that are great to hand over are non-core tasks that might distract you or require consistent attention and take you away from the core aspects of your products or services that you provide, such as Social Media Management, Email Marketing Campaign and Blogs.

Spending less time doing tasks that aren't directly part of the products or services you offer means you can offer more of your business to customers and potential leads.

So that giant to-do list you have - watch that get ticked off.

Don't do the things you don't like to do anymore.

YES you love your business - but that doesn't mean you have to enjoy all the tasks that come with being a small business owner. Personally - I don't enjoy reconciling my accounts (this is why you find an amazing accountant!). Others don't enjoy being on social media, writing emails or keeping the website updated.

There will always be someone who LOVES to do the tasks you don't enjoy doing within your business, so playing to their strengths allows you to focus on what you enjoy most, and the heart of why you started your business.

You can take a break and gain better work-life balance.

Because being a small business owner doesn't mean you have to work 24/7. Trying to do and be everything is a sure fire why of experience business burnout. Take a few days off to be with family, take your kids to sports, go to the gym, have a sleep-in and allow yourself to rest when you need to.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows you to reduce some of the workload, without the guilt of falling behind in small admin related tasks.

Virtual Assistants work flexibly

Whether you have an ongoing opportunity or random one-off needs. Virtual Assistants tend to work flexibly between clients and contracts so they can find the time to meet your needs. No need to feel like you have to hire them for a certain amount of time or long term. You can negotiate the terms of their support based on your needs. You only pay for the work they do as they are contractors.

So no need to cover PAYE, Kiwisaver, Annual Leave and Sick Leave.

Virtual Assistants come with knowledge and experience.

Each Virtual Assistant will have their own skills, experience, knowledge. They offer their support in areas they know are their strengths. Once you hire a Virtual Assistant who can do all the things you need - you'll find they come up with solutions you hadn't thought or due to lack of experience or knowledge. Their ability to problem solve as well as forecast particular needs for your business means you will the quality of work improve.

Virtual Assistant_Hire a Virtual Assistant_Blog_To Done (NZ)

Now this all sounds great, but when do you know it might be a good time for you to Hire a Virtual Assistant? A great time to consider reaching out to a Virtual Assistant is when:-

  • you need some work done but you lack the expertise, interest or time to do it.

  • hiring a Full time employee is out of your budget, but you need someone to help you regularly.

  • you feel burnt out, but work isn't slowing down.

  • you're overwhelmed with your current workload.

If this sounds like something you need, make a list of the tasks you need help with and contact me - I'd love to see if there is something I can help you with.


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