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Ferns - Whanau Tree House Environment

Whānau Tree House

I am fortunate to work alongside Inspiring Design & Co. as a contractor - as we collab on Web Design Jobs. Whānau Tree House is a collab project we completed in Dec 2021.

Whānau Tree House is a local Puna reo (Bi-lingual Early Childhood Centre) who wanted a website to highlight their services within the ECE sector. A place for potential care whānau to learn more about them, register or join their enrolment waitlist, and also to have job opportunities advertised when they are seeking Kaiako. It was an honour to work with them due to my past experience within the ECE sector.

The services I completed during this Collaboration project received were Web Design, Email Marketing Campaign Templates and Content Creation & Writing (Tākaro).


Web Design

Whanau Tree House Website Mockup

Whānau Tree House website is a central point for whānau to view when considering their childcare options.

The layout is easy to navigate, and shares important information about their care services and costs (something whānau always want to know when looking at childcare options). It was about ensuring heaps of info was shared to reduce general enquiry admin for simple things.

We also allowed for online enrolments to be filled in and waitlists expressions of interest - ensuring as much info was provided upfront so Whānau Tree House could look at when spaces are available based on their care needs.

Kaiako can also apply for jobs when some are available, or register their interest in working with Whānau Tree House if/when a space becomes available. Their application form covers a lot of questions to help the team shortlist suitable candidates upfront.

The use of Te Reo across the website emphasizes the importance of our culture, our reo within a learning environment.

Content Creation

I had an opportunity to create some videos for the Whānau Tree House Website, and some photography to be used across the site.

We wanted to highlight the environment in its true form - with photos and videos of the care tamariki, kaiako and learning environment - engaging in everyday activities.
We wanted wh
ānau to see what a typical day would look like for tamariki.
Everything from the outside play area, areas of the centre, kaiako engaging with tamariki, and tamariki learning and playing together.

The 3 videos I created for the website are:-

Photography was also taken for the website, showing actual students and kaiako.
These photos will be altered as children leave to go to school and new students join.

Whanau Tree House Video Content captured by To Done (NZ)
Image of student touching fern plant in the play area of Whanau Tree House
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