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Ako Academy

It was such an honour working with Natalia to share her new venture with the world.
Natalia wanted a space people can visit to discuss the support and resources available to them and their workplace to gain confidence in building their cultural competency.

The services Ako Academy received were Branding and Web Design.



Branding Mood board for Ako Academy.

Natalia was amazing with creating her Logo herself. Next was working on her branding to bring together her vision of the values and emotions she wanted to be represented in her brand.

Natalia shared some photos she had drawn inspiration from - and from this, we confirmed her colour palette and created a Branding Mood Board.


The colours are 3 different hues of Blue - representing Trust, Integrity, Knowledge and Professionalism. The ways Ako Academy want to be recognized within their industry.

Yellow represents inspiration and feeling uplifted. Ako Academy wants their clients to feel this way while being supported on their journey.

Branding - Ako


Web Design

Website Mockup for desktop and mobile for Ako Academy.

Ako Academy's website is a place to find support on your journey.

The layout creates an easy to navigate site for anybody to be able to use. The branding colours create a professional feel. And the highlight of the services and those within Ako Academy build connection.
Everything has been designed to help viewers feel like they can trust the service and support they are going to receive.

The use of Te Reo across the website emphasizes the importance of our culture, our reo. There are areas providing the English translation to these words to support your everyday learning and use of Te Reo Maori, and also some areas without English translations. The area's without translations are calls to action that may be apparent at the time or after use.

Web Design - Ako
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