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Manifest your wants

Have you ever thought about something out loud with friends and family, had an idea or looked at making changes in your life or career - only to watch it unfold before your eyes.

That is no coincidence. You have manifested those events. Manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy can create your reality.

But does the Law of Attraction really work? Can you really manifest what you want for your business? Let me share the principles of Manifestation with you after I quickly share my story of how I became a Virtual Assistant IN 8 DAYS after deciding to do it!

Eight days!!!!!

My friends and family always comment about how quickly I start doing something after saying I want to do it. There’s no secret formula to it other than putting my mind to it and taking action.

This is how quickly you can turn an idea into a reality! Making something happen after putting it out into the Universe (and the power of social media).

  • 10th Feb 2021 - I merely mentioned I was interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant. I was sent some fantastic links (courses, pages, groups to join) and started discussing Social Media Marketing with a small business owner immediately - with whom I completed a consultation call and received amazing feedback.

  • 13th Feb 2021 - I created a business logo, made an Instagram account and started the follow/engagement process.

  • 16th Feb 2021 - I announced myself as a Virtual Assistant in a business group filled with amazing wahine! I instantly received a message from Ngahuia as she needed Virtual Assistant Support.

  • 18th Feb 2021 - We said YES!!! to work together.

8 days after putting it out into the Universe, I was officially a contracted Virtual Assistant., and here I am - writing weekly blogs with Inspiring Design & Co. while building up more networks and my portfolio.

As I said - there is no secret to manifesting what you want. It’s not a magic wish, luck of the draw or waiting for it to happen. It’s all about taking action on your thoughts.

Manifesting what you want is simple. You just have to start.

  1. Believe in yourself.

  2. Create an action plan.

  3. Take action.

  4. Focus on the positive.

  5. Visualize.

  6. Stay humble and grateful.

  7. Become a conscious creator.

Let’s take a closer look at these seven principles, so you can start manifesting.

1. Believe in Yourself

First things first, believe in yourself!

Sometimes easier said than done, we know. And yet the ease is there, should you choose to pursue it. Actually, creative visualization is a great way to initiate this becoming.

Visualize yourself, believing in yourself.

Acknowledge that you are capable, and through this acknowledgement, allow the desire for a better life to build within you.

2. Create an Action Plan

Remember, though, visualization alone will get you nowhere. You must take action!

In manifestation, it is of the utmost importance that you develop a plan of action.

Write it down. Read, and reread it. Own your plan and embody its becoming.

Believe that what you want is already waiting for you. You’ve placed the order, now you’re on your way to pick it up. What have you got to lose? After all, you don’t “need” what you desire, it’s just for fun.

3. Now take action!

Once you have a plan, take action.

You need to focus only on the first step here. Complete it, and then move on to the next. Slowly, checkpoint after checkpoint, everything will begin to unfold beautifully.

To help initiate the action of turning your imagination into reality, you should write down your goals, both long and short-term. Then tell yourself and everyone you know, even strangers, what you intend to accomplish.

Do these steps to gain momentum. in your chosen direction.

4. Focus on the Positive

Positive vibrations attract positive vibrations.

Worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, or resistance in the form of limiting beliefs pollute and dilute your vibration.

Acknowledge them for what they are but choose to push yourself in a direction of positive thinking.

Imagine yourself as capable and powerful, with a future that is in direct alignment with your desires. Fill every cell with love, happiness, joy, and peace, and let that light, bright energy radiate outward to attract what you want!

The more you amplify positive emotions, the more powerful your manifestation will be!

Think about it - do you have people in your life who you’d consider negative nancies or unlucky?? And unlucky or bad things always happen to them.

Now ask - do they really? Or is this what they focus on the most, so this is what the outcome always is for them??

5. Visualise

Visualization is a powerful vibration booster.

Physical reality isn’t far behind the wonderful ideas you plant in your imagination – if you water them with love, enthusiasm, unwavering belief, and happiness.

Visualize who it is that you intend to become. Visualize what you want.

Absorb your vision, immerse yourself within it, and begin to feel the coinciding emotions truly.

6. Stay Humble and Grateful

Remember to stay humble. Nobody likes a big ego.

Remind yourself of the blessing you have on a daily basis. Thank yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in while simultaneously thanking the universe for providing you with results.

Thank yourself for initiating the process and find gratitude in every success and setback along the way.

Always acknowledge who you once were and where you came from. And do what you can to help others realize as you have.

Be grateful for the opportunities you have and send gratitude forward into the future for that which you are about to receive.

7. Become A Conscious Creator

If you’ve started doing the above and you can already see results - You are already a pro at manifesting.

You have, for the most part unconsciously created a default existence based on your beliefs. There’s no reason why you can’t create an awesome life, using the proper techniques. All you need to do is take conscious control of the manifestation process instead of defaulting according to your old beliefs.

Take action on this potential, stay humble, and focus on how grateful you are for all the opportunities life throws your way.

Create new beliefs, guide your thoughts, emotions and visualization; feel the delight of watching your imagination become reality; raise your vibration by being happy and loving, and watch your dreams come true!

Now that you know manifesting what you want comes down to action over procrastination - find your support circle, korero about your goals, forget what isn’t working and focus on what is and will work.

I absolutely LOVE supporting small businesses to grow. Anything from a general korero and bouncing around ideas to working together on projects. I'm here for you, to watch you grow and build the life and business you want.

If you're keen to talk about your plans or have any questions about how I could support you - email me or connect with me via Instagram.


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