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7 reasons you need Canva for your Small Business.

We're a visual audience, and with everything being online; businesses have to create more high-quality content for their audience - and Canva is helping everyone, especially small business owners who aren't graphic designers or cannot afford one.

Canva is an online drag-and-drop image builder. You can use Canva to design social media graphics, presentations, flyers, infographics, and much more, making it an easy tool for everybody.

If you've never designed before or found yourself limited in time - Canva may be perfect for you.

Here are 7 reasons you need Canva for your Small Business.

Open screen laptop displaying a photo collage of pictures on screen. Twinkle lights on the table with a book and hot drink.

Use it for free - or upgrade at a reasonable cost.

Small businesses often have small-to-nil marketing budgets - and every dollar counts in your bottom line.

Canva has an unlimited free account with many valuable features. For example, you get access to hundreds of templates, stock photos, icons, and other elements right away. In fact, for many small businesses, a free account is enough. But the free version does have limitations and restrictions.

Upgrading to the Pro account unlocks more templates, photos, elements, and fonts. You'll also gain features like saved brand colours, team members, additional storage space and scheduling to your social media accounts - which saves you time.

You don’t need design experience.

Anyone can use Canva thanks to its ready-to-use templates for any project you’re working on. Just browse for a template you like and get started.

It’s easy to change the colours, photos, logos and fonts to match your brand.

Canvas' drag-and-drop editing design is easy to learn. If you’re comfortable using the internet and programs like Mircosoft Word or PowerPoint, you’ll enjoy using Canva

Three people sitting at a table laughing and smiling. Two laptops and notebook ont he work table.

Access your work from ANYWHERE.

Canva is an online service storing your designs in the cloud. So you can start a project at home and continue working on it in your shop, public transport, or your office.

You can design on a laptop, computer or phone, quickly upload photos taken with your phone and share your design projects directly to your social media pages from the app.

Huge range of stock photos, fonts, elements and icons available to use.

Spend less time looking for images for your projects because Canva has thousands of stock photos and elements you can use.

Canva manages the licenses for the photos and assets, so you can create something and feel confident that you can use it for your business.

If you want even more elements, upgrade to the Pro account.

Notebook with stencil writing of the alphabet and numbers. Two black fine point pens, a green and blue highlighter. Card with the words "hello" in stencil writing.

Collaborate with others on projects

Collaborating with others on a project just got easier, by creating a link to your project and sharing it with them. I do this often with my clients.

You can invite people to a comment-only mode or give them full permission to edit the design. Quickly get feedback or design support.

Save projects in multiple sizes

Canva templates have preset sizes for all projects. So just choose your project template, and it will set up a page that’s the current recommended size, i.e. Instagram = 1080 x 1080.

You can then copy and resize projects to keep your content consistent across multiple channels.

Example: You’ve created a beautiful Facebook image, but you need to create a Pinterest pin and an image for your website banner using the same design?

Choose the appropriate project to which it needs to be changed, and the resize tool automatically converts your design to the correct size. Such a helpful time-saver

Open notepad with iPhone sitting on top of pad. iPhone screen displaying homepage of apps. Open laptop in the background.

Brand consistency

Ensuring you have a consistent look with your images can be tough, but the Canva Brand kit makes this easier.

Setting up your brand kit means your Brand Colour palettes, fonts and logos are all saved in one area for future use. Instead of having to search through lots of colours and fonts hoping to get the right one - it's all accessible at the click of your mouse

Post Straight to Social Media.

Canva has a Content Planner so you can create projects and then schedule them to be posted on your social media accounts. This is handy for those who like to batch create content for their social media.

You can also share directly to Pinterest.

Just ensure when you create your account - your social profiles are linked to your Canva account and you're good to go. What a time saver!

Birds eye view looking down on a table which has a laptop, iphone charging connected to laptop, black coffee on a saucer with reading glasses.

If you’re a small business starting or upgrading your marketing and design, Canva is a MUST HAVE. I use it daily and t saves me so much time as well as gives me total creative freedom. For less than $20 per month, it's easily one of my most-used business investments and tools.

If you're interested in learning how to use it to your advantage - feel free to book in with me so I can help you get started, share some awesome tips and tricks with you and ensure you have the fundamentals sorted so you have projects ready to use TODAY.


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